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post production

post production

post production

post production

B2Y post is the one stop shop for your final steps of the production.
We offer high quality service and talanted professionals who will put their hands and hearts in delivering the best possible option for your needs and capacities.
Cut. Color. Create.


All of offline cutting rooms have the latest Avid technology, Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve. The post internal servers offers the ability to work on the same project in multiple suites simultaneously no matter the size of the project. We have 24/7 system support with 3 levels of security protection


If you want to cut loose and talk to someone, we are fluid in Adobe Premier Pro and Avid. Our editing team is available 24/7 for all the ideas, passion talk and tough decision you want to make. We are fast, trustworthy, and very experienced professionals who loves director’s cuts. Our experienced team of online editors will put all the necessary finishing touches to your projects making it look great whilst conforming to the tightest of technical compliance.

Our VFX teams specializes in high profile work for big companies like Starbucks, Amazon, etc.
Artists, producers, supervisors develop close work relationship with the filmmakers in order to make the most out of their vision.

3D animation
2D compositing
Character animation
Motion capture
Previsualization and animatics
Concept art & storyboarding
Special effects animation